In August of 2010 I had made the decision to sell my home before I was forced to loose it to the Mortgage Bank. Realizing the Mandani Real Estate Team was the tool I needed to accomplish this I called Jason. They were everything the initial interview promised me they would be, professional, expedient and successful. The "To do" list was completed in record time. The first offer at the asking price was accepted three days after the house went on the market. Thanks to them the whole experience was far less painful than ever imagined.

Adele Steinmetz

We recently purchased our first home with the help of Jayson Madani and his team. Honestly, I have never written a testimonial before, but our home purchase story is so amazing to me that I find myself telling people all the time how we pulled off what we thought would have been an impossible dream. It was all thanks to Jayson Madani, his team, and our loan officer Paul Vannerus. The story goes like this…like many people thinking of purchasing a home we starting browsing the MLS constantly. A little house in Felton kept popping up and intrigued us to say the least. It was a banked owned foreclosure with a red tag to boot. We started talking to a few agents to see what the deal was with this property. Why was it priced so low? Why had it been on the market so long? Is it one swift breeze away from falling over? Both the real estate agents we worked with prior to Jayson dismissed this house and said the bank was only looking at cash offers and ‘don’t waste your time,” which is agent code for ‘don’t waste my time.” Then we met with Jayson. We told him about the house we were curious about and the first thing he said was “let’s go check it out!” – no hesitation, only positivity. After walking through the property it was obvious it needed a lot of work, but the location was great, the price was good, and it had great vibes. We wanted it. Only catch, we had no capital to fix it up, and it was not in livable condition (did I mention the red tag). It was then Jayson began to tell us about the FHA 203K loan. This loan is for first time home buyers purchasing a distressed home. FHA will loan you up to what the apprised value of the home will be post renovations and it includes 6 months of mortgage payments so you can stay in your current home until the renovations are complete. Jayson warned us that this was a challenging loan to pull off and that banks don’t like these loans because they are very time consuming. But he was positive and had a ‘worth a shot’ attitude. After several months of negotiations, putting in other offers, working it from many angles, we closed on our house and construction has now begun on our dream home. I couldn’t believe we pulled it off. We got the house we wanted, at the price we wanted, with the loan we wanted (huge kudos to Paul Vannerus again – the loan wizard).I whole heartily recommend Jayson and his team (Maaret, you’re the best!), to anyone looking to buy. Simply put, he is creative, he knows what he is doing and he is not afraid of hard work. He seems to thrive on a challenging sale, not back away. Purchasing a home is an incredible process; you need the right people with the right experience to guide you. I am so happy we picked the right people to guide us! Go team Madani!

Sarah and Scott Greathouse

My wife and I had certain parameters when we were "thinking" about purchasing a home which revolved around price and lot size. We had special needs with regards to financing because we weren't even sure we could find a home in our price range. After meeting Jayson at an open house, I merely suggested we were looking and gave him some details. Within a few weeks, he called us on a home that met our criteria and we made an offer! Jayson worked diligently with the finance person to make the dream happen and we are very thankful for his hard work, great knowledge of the area and wonderful demeanor. Thanks so much to the Madani Real Estate Team for the outstanding customer service!

Steve and Jude Daley
Ben Lomond

We could not have gone through the process of buying a house without Jayson's help. We initially put down an offer for a house that was a short sale, but unfortunately that one didn't go through. But Jayson stuck with us, (for over a year!) continued to send home listing, and we finally found another one that we just fell in love with. He helped with every step, was very flexible on scheduling times to show different houses, and followed up on any questions we had. Not only did he go out of his way to help us when we needed it but he was also a great guide to the Felton/Lompico area, especially since we are new to the area. Without a doubt he would be my first choice if I were to look for another house, and I recommend him for anyone looking for a R.E agent in SC county. Thank you Jayson for all your help!